Air cleaner non-ramair assembly CALL

Air cleaner non-ramair lid-good used $250.00

Air cleaner non-ramair lid-rechromed Show Quality CALL

Air cleaner non-ramair vacuum unit NOS CALL

Air cleaner non-ramair vacuum unit rebuilt $250.00

Air cleaner snorkel - Original $450.00

Air cleaner snorkel - Reproduction $295.00

Air filter Motorcraft FA-41 New $45.00

Alternator bolt kit - New Reproduction $45.00

Alternator pulley 2 grove - Used $50.00

Alternator pulley 2 grove - NOS $125.00

Alternator pully 2 grove - New Reproduction $50.00

Alternator/Smog pump mounting bracket $250.00

Balancer Pulley w/ P/S $250.00

Balancer Pulley w/o P/S $125.00

Carb spacer plate CALL

Carburetor 1969 C9AF-9510-M - 4 speed (needs rebuild) $895.00

Carburetor 1969 C9AZ-9510-N - C6 (needs rebuild) $995.00

Carburetor 1970 D0ZF-9510-AB C6 (needs rebuild) $895.00

Coil bracket $85.00

Connecting Rods 428CJ Used Set of 8 $295.00 CALL

Connecting Rods 428 SCJ Used each $95.00

Connecting Rods 428 SCJ Used set $595.00

Crankshaft 1U or 1UB 428 CJ std-std CALL

Crankshaft 1U or 1UB 428 CJ Used .010-.010 $595.00

Cylinder head gaskets NOS CALL

Cylinder heads Used pair complete $1195.00

Distributor 1968 1/2 C80F-12127-D Rebuilt $995.00

Distributor 1969 4 Speed C80F-12127-H Rebuilt $895.00

Distributor 1969 C6 C80F-12127-J  Rebuilt $895.00

Distributor 1970 4 Speed Dual Point D0ZF-12127-C Rebuilt $1695.00

Distributor 1970 C6 Single Point D0ZF-12127-G Rebuilt $895.00

Distributor 1968 1/2 C80F-12127-D Rebuilt $995.00

Engine Block STD Bore Service Block $1995.00

Engine Block .030 Bore Service Block $1295.00

Egine Block STD and .030 Production Blocks CALL

Exhaust H-pipe Mustang New repro $95.00

Exhaust H-Pipe 1968-69 Torino New Repro $175.00

Exhaust manifold to head bolts New repro set $39.95

Exhaust manifold to H-pipe studs/nuts New repro $15.00

Exhaust manifolds Original Used pair $995.00

Exhaust manifold heat shield CALL

Fan shroud CALL

Harmonic balancer  428CJ Used $150.00

Harmonic balancer 428CJ NOS $350.00

Harmonic balancer 428 SCJ CALL

Heater hose twin tubes 1970 $85.00

Heater Elbow for intake - new repro $45.00

Intake manifold bolt set New repro $65.00

Intake manifold gasket set $65.00

Intake manifold 4V $695.00

Motor mount frame brackets used originals $195.00

Motor mount engine brackets Pair $150.00

Motor mount insulators NOS pair $295.00

Motor mount insulators Repro Pair $150.00

Oil cap "AUTOLITE" Black $95.00

Oil Cap Elbow 1969 reanodized metal original $55.00

Oil Cap elbow 1970 NOS plastic $25.00

Oil cap grommet NOS $20.00

Oil cooler assembly-Reconditioned complete CALL

Oil cooler block adapter CALL

Oil cooler block adapter gasket NOS $35.00

Oil cooler radiator CALL

Oil cooler radiator bracket PAIR $350.00

Oil pan bolts New repro set $40.00

Oil pan New Repro w/ FOMOCO Stamping $175.00

Oil pan New Ford Racing $125.00


Oil Pump Pickup NOS CALL

Power steering mounting bracket - Aluminum $150.00

Power steering adjusting bracket $250.00

Power steering bolt mounting kit - New Repro $45.00

69/70 Boss 429 and 428 CJ C8OA-3D746-A Power Steering Cooler........$475 Click For Pictures

PCV hose used original CALL

PCV valve metal elbow $55.00

PCV valve New Repro $55.00

Radiator brackets for 24" radiator 3 piece Set $150.00

Rev Limiter Non Working CALL

Rev Limiter Wiring Harness 1970 $40.00

Rev Limiter Wiring Harness Tags (ALT BAT) $6.00

Rocker Arm assemblies - Hydraulic New Pair $395.00

Rocker Arm assemblies - Adjustables New Pair $495.00

Rocker Arms Individuals CALL

Rocker Arms assemblies Used CALL

Rocker arm drip rails Used Pair $45.00

Shaker 14" inside lid Original CALL

Shaker 14" inside lid REPRO $95.00

Shaker hood trim ring brackets $75.00

Shaker hood trim ring new repro $150.00

Shaker hood trim ring used original $395.00

Shaker inside flapper with rod New Repro $125.00

Shaker ramair air cleaner reconditioned CALL

Shaker Seal New Repro $95.00

Shaker seal NOS type w/FORD logo $395.00

Shaker support bracket Used Original $95.00

Shaker Vacuum Diaphragm New Repro $150.00

Shaker vacuum diaphragm rebuilding service $75.00

Shaker vacuum diaphram-Rebuilt unit $250.00

Smog canister NOS $450.00

Smog canister mounting bracket New Repro $195.00

Smog check valve CALL

Smog pump adjusting bracket New Repro $250.00

Smog pump adjusting bracket Used original $395.00

Smog pump hose kit CALL

Smog pump hose clamps - New repro set $95.00

Smog pump pulley CALL

Smog pump REBUILT ORIGINAL $595.00

Solid lifters NOS set CALL

Spark plug wire dividers (for valve covers) pair $20.00

Spark Plugs NOS AUTOLITE BF32 set of 8 $75.00

Spark plugs MOTORCRAFT BRF32 set of 8 $40.00

Thermostat housing used $65.00

Throttle cable 1969 C9ZZ-9A758-A NOS CALL

Throttle cable 1970 C9ZZ-9A758-E NOS CALL

Throttle cable bracket 1969 New repro $45.00

Throttle cable bracket Used original 1969 $195.00

Timing cover Used original $125.00

Timing pointer 428CJ NOS $125.00

Timing pointer 428CJ Used $45.00

Timing pointer 428 SCJ New Repro $85.00

Valve Cover bolts New repro set $35.00

Valve Covers Finned Aluminum Used Original Pair $495.00

Valve Covers Finned Aluminum New Repro Pair $295.00

Valve Covers Chrome Power By Ford New Repro Pair $250.00

Valve Covers Snake Finned Aluminum New Repro Pair $350.00

Water Pump Rebuilt Original C8AE-C9AE CALL

Water pump Pulley CALL

Windage tray kit with Gaskets CALL

Back up light switch 1970 NOS $150.00

Back up light switch 1969 CALL

Back up light switch retaining clip 1970 NOS $25.00

Back up light switch wiring 1970 New repro $45.00

Bell housing used original CALL

Bell housing lower cover - New Repro $95.00

Boot at firewall for clutch pedal rod NOS $45.00

Boot at firewall for clutch pedal rod Repro $15.00

Clutch disc 11 1/2" Remanufactured CALL

Clutch fork boot for bell housing NOS $125.00

Clutch fork boot for bell housing Repro $45.00

Clutch fork pivot $35.00

Clutch fork - New Repro $125.00

Clutch fork - NOS $295.00

Clutch fork - Used Original $195.00

Clutch pedal pad New repro $10.00

Clutch pedal pad NOS $12.00

Clutch pedal pad trim New repro $15.00

Clutch pedal Used CALL

Clutch pedal hanger Used Disc Brakes $125.00

Clutch pedal hanger Used Manual Brakes $95.00

Clutch pedal hanger NOS CALL

Clutch release bearing w/ HUB 1 3/8" $85.00

Engine side equalizer bar mount New Repro $75.00

Equalizer bar bushing clips each $5.00

Equalizer bar bushings each $5.00

Equalizer bar New Repro $125.00

Equalizer bar NOS $350.00

Equalizer bar Used original CALL

Flywheel-resurfaced original CALL

Frame side equalizer bar bracket New Repro $75.00

Pedal rod plastic bushings NOS each $5.00

Pedal support plastic bushings each NOS $5.00

Power Disc Brake pedal Used Automatic $195.00

Power Disc Brake pedal Used 4 Speed $295.00

Pressure Plate 11 1/2" Remanufactured CALL

Rod from clutch pedal to equalizer bar New Repro $25.00

Rod from equalizer bar to clutch fork New Repro $40.00

Rod from equalizer bar to clutch fork $20.00

Shifter handle HURST 1970 Rechromed show quality $225.00

Shifter handle 1969 Rechromed show quality $195.00

Shifter boot Lower 1969 New repro CALL

Shifter boot Lower 1970 New repro CALL

Shifter boot upper chrome bezel New repro $45.00

Shifter boot upper 1969 New repro $25.00

Shifter boot upper 1970 New repro $25.00

Shifter knob 1969  CALL

Shifter knob 1970 HURST T-handle $150.00

Shifter Mechanism 1969 rebuilt original $395.00

Shifter Mechanism 1970 Hurst rebuilt original $450.00

Shifter aftermarket Hurst Competition Plus CALL

Speedometer cable gear retaining clip $10.00

Speedometer cable O ring New $10.00

Spring equalizer bar to clutch fork lower NOS CALL

Spring equalizer bar to clutch fork upper NOS CALL

Steering column lock out rod 1970 $250.00

Toploader transmission RUG close ratio REBUILT CALL

Transmission cross member $350.00

Transmission speedometer driven gear NOS $25.00

Transmission driveshaft yoke Used $150.00

Transmission insulator New $25.00

Transmission speedometer drive gear NOS $45.00

Dipstick and Tube CALL

Driveshaft Yoke Used Original $150.00

Flex Plate (Flywheel) Used Original $195.00

Flex plate (Flywheel) - New Repro $175.00

Flex plate (Flywheel) - NOS $395.00

Neutral safety Switch 1968 1969 NOS $195.00

Neutral safety Switch 1970 NOS $175.00

Rod from shifter to transmission Used Original $250.00

Shifter Assembly - Rebuilt $195.00

Shifter Bezel - New Repro $95.00

Transmission crossmember Used $350.00

Transmission crossmember New Repro $95.00

Transmission insulator - New Repro $25.00

Transmission Pan - Chrome - New Repro $55.00

Transmission shifter arm 1968 1969 (unique to floor shifter car) $295.00

31 spline axle housing seals NOS each $25.00

31 spline axles with new bearings pair CALL

31 spline Detroit Locker CALL

31 spline tractionloc unit NOS $475.00

31 spline tractionloc units Rebuilt $375.00

9 inch rear housing Used original $495.00

Centersection nut and washer set New repro $25.00

Driveshaft CALL

Nodular case Used original CALL

Pinion Nut NOS $10.00

Rear brake hose New repro $60.00

Rear housing steel brake line New repro $60.00

Rear sway bar assembly 1970 complete original CALL

Rear sway bar mounting plates Pair $150.00

Rebuilt Center Sections (see our rear end page click here)

Staggered shock plates $595.00

Tractionloc rebuild kit $150.00



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