We offer complete or partial automatic to 4 speed conversions for most 1965-1973 Mustang, Torino, Fairlane, Falcon. Maverick, Comet, Cougar, Cyclone, Montego and other Ford applications. Complete assemblies consist of the following components:


-Clutch Pedal


-Clutch Pedal Pad

-Brake Pedal


-Brake Pedal Pad


-Pedal Bushings

-Pedal Hanger (if required)

-Clutch assist spring & bracket

-Rod from pedal to equalizer bar

-Clutch rod boot at firewall

-Clutch equalizer bar (Z bar)

-Frame side Z bar bracket

-Engine side Z bar bracket

-Bracket bushings, C clips and felts

-Rod from Z bar to clutch fork

-Z bar springs

-Bell housing

-Engine block plate

-Pilot bushing

-Resurfaced flywheel

-Rebuilt clutch disc

-Rebuilt pressure plate

-New throw-out bearing

-Clutch fork

-Clutch fork pivot

-Bell housing boot

-Bell housing lower cover (if required)

-4 speed toploader transmission

-4 speed shifter

-Upper shift boot and bezel

-Backup light switch


-Speedometer Cable and Gear

-Transmission Yoke (if necessary)

-Transmission Cross Member (if necessary)

-Transmission Insulator

-Driveshaft (if necessary)

Typically, complete conversions are in the $2,995-$4,595 range depending on the particular application. Please call for exact pricing.






Perogie offers a variety of choices that will tailor the conversion to your specific needs such as fully rebuilt toploaders versus good used ones or factory floor shifters versus Hurst units. If you don't need a

complete assembly we can provide the select pieces that you need. Please call 609-448-1684 or E-mail for more information and prices. Remember we accept all major credit cards and offer our 30 day

money back guarantee!








If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at 609-448-1684 10-6 PM Eastern Time,
Fax 609-448-5671 or Email Perogie1@aol.com.

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