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Perogie Enterprises has one of the largest selections of factory ram air assemblies for 1968-73 Ford cars. We have been supplying complete reconditioned original assemblies to the Ford marketplace for more than 25 years. Our knowledgeable staff knows shaker and ram air assemblies thoroughly and can answer your questions as to what is correct for your particular application.

To Get An Exact Quote For A Shaker or Ram Air Assembly Please Fill Out Our On-Line Form and A Quote Will Be Emailed To You!  CLICK HERE!!

You probably know that Ford used a thru the hood shaker assembly on their 1969-1970 Mustangs and 1970-1971 Torinos. Although all the shakers are functionally the same, there are seven different shaker assemblies. Ford standardized the shaker hoods as they all have the hole cut in exactly the same position. However, each engine offered has a different deck height and center point in the engine compartment. To compensate for this and to make each shaker stick thru the hood in the exactly the same position and height, Ford modified the air cleaner base. As a result there are seven different shaker bases...1969: 351W, 390, 428CJ/SCJ and 1970: 351W, 351C, Boss 302 and 428CJ/SCJ. Additionally, on 351W shaker assemblies, the air cleaner snorkel is unique to the shaker application and 1969 351W shaker snorkel is different than the 1970. This is the only case as all other shakers share the same snorkel as their non-shaker counterparts.

We can provide you with complete reconditioned assemblies or individual components. Here is a list of individual items:
1. Shaker base 
2. Snorkel
3. Inside lid (holds air filter in place)
4. Intermediate plate (covers air cleaner base)
5. Flapper door w/rod
6. Vacuum diaphragm
7. Scoop seal (NOS type w/Ford logo)
8. Scoop seal (New service replacement)
9. Scoop assembly
10. Cobra Jet scripts for scoop
11. 351, 390 & 428 scoop emblems
12. Scoop attaching bolts
13. Intermediate plate attaching nuts
14. Shaker support brackets
15. Shaker hood
15. Shaker hood trim ring (repro & original)
16. Trim ring lower brackets

Most Reconditioned complete shaker assemblies (everything that sits on the carb) cost in the $2495-$4995 range for Mustang and $995-$1795 for Torino. All units are original, fully functional, shipped with NOS shaker seals (Ford logo and engineering number on seal) and are ready to install on your car. All units carry our 30 day money back guarantee.

To Get An Exact Quote For A Shaker or Ram Air Assembly Please Fill Out Our On-Line Form and A Quote Will Be Emailed To You!  CLICK HERE!!

Perogie Enterprises also provides a rebuilding service for your shaker/ ram air vacuum diaphragm. Many times the vacuum units no longer work and we can bring them back to life. Price is $79.95 each for the Shaker Unit. Just send us your diaphragm, along with your name, address & phone number and method of payment (credit card # and exp. date or prepayment) and we rebuild your vacuum unit. Generally we turn them around within a week. Please insure the packages for a least $250 per unit (in the event it gets damaged or lost you will need this much to buy a replacement). Any questions just call us at 609-448-1684 or e-mail at

One of the most desirable option for a 1971-73 Mustang is the factory ram air assembly. In 1971, Ford changed the ram air design to a self contained under the hood assembly. The ram air assembly no longer protruded thru the hood like the 69-70 Mustangs. Typically the 1971-73 Mustang ram air assemblies consist of the following parts:
1. Air cleaner base
2. Snorkel
3. Air filter
4. 14" inside lid
5. Air cleaner to hood seal
6. Under hood fiberglass plenum
7. LH & RH vacuum ducts under hood
8. Attaching screw kit
9. Vacuum hose kit 

We have reconditioned original assemblies in stock for both the 351 and 429 engines. We sell complete assemblies and some individual parts. We also offer the vacuum diaphragm rebuilding service as described above. Most Complete assemblies cost in the $1795-$2495 range. We have a some NOS components but a very limited supply. If interested just call 609-448-1684 or e-mail.

Perogie Enterprises generally carries factory ram air assemblies for the following applications:

1. 1968 1/2 428CJ Mustang

2. 1968-69 Torino/Fairlane/Cyclone 428CJ/SCJ

3. 68 Shelby GT500KR ram air assembly

4. 69-70 Boss 429 ram air assembly

5. 1970-71 Torino Shakers 351/429CJ/SCJ

6. 1972 Torino 351/429 (EXTREMELY RARE)

7. 1969-70 Cougar 428CJ/SCJ

8. 1970-71 Cyclone 429CJ/SCJ

9. 1971 Cougar 429CJ/SCJ

10. 1972 Montego 351(EXTREMELY RARE) 

Once again we offer complete detailed assemblies or individual components. Just call or e-mail for specifics.



Here is a list of individual components and prices of parts generally in stock:

1968 1/2 Mustang ram air seal-repro...$ 350.00

Boss 429 ram air seal-obsolete repro....CALL or Email

70-71 Torino shaker top plug-repro......$45.00

NOS Early 69-70 Mustang scoop seal............CALL

New Ford replacement Mustang seal.............$195.00


New Mustang Reproduction Seal.......$95.00

NOS Cobra Jet scoop scripts. Pair.........$150.00


NEW Cobra Jet scoop scripts Metal Reproduction $49.95/Pair

NOS 428 scoop emblems. Pair..............$100.00


NOS 351 scoop emblems.Pair.............$95.00

NOS 390 scoop emblems.Pair.............$200.00


428, 351, and 390 Hood Scoop Emblems also available in plastic....Click Here

Rebuilt shaker vacuum diaphragm.......$ CALL or Email

Rebuilt 68-69 ram air diaphragm...........$ CALL or Email

NOS 68-69 ram air diaphragm...............$ CAL or Email

14" inside lid........ Original $295.00.....Repro $95.00

351C shaker support bracket. Repro...$55 .00

428CJ shaker support bracket.............$60.00

351W shaker support bracket..............SOLD OUT

Boss 302 support bracket. Repro.........$45.00

429CJ support bracket. Repro.............$45.00

429SCJ support bracket. Repro...........$75.00



We offer many other parts to numerous to list so if you don't see it listed here just call 609-448-1684 or e-mail. Remember you can buy with confidence from Perogie Enterprises as evidenced by our "no hassle" 30 day moneyback guarantee. All stock and prices are subject to change. Thank-you. 


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at 609-448-1684 10-6 PM Eastern Time,
 Fax 609-448-5671 or Email

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